Sunday, October 31, 2010

The move to Corona from Game Salad - So Far So Good

Over the last week we have ventured away from the original Game Salad version of Crank to start developing it in Corona.
This was more a forced move at the time because of the uncertainty of actually being able to complete it in GS and actually owning the game ourselves rather than have co ownership forced upon us by GS.

The move has been very beneficial so far as the performance improvements have been major. Frame rates of down to 24 fps that we were getting in testing with the GS version have been dramatically improved in the iPhone 4 to maintaining 60 fps. I hope this remains the case as we continue with more content and game play.

We are now able to consider community scoring with the availability of OpenFeint and we're going to be playing with physics now the performance is back up.

Well, time to get to it again for the night.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Composite of the first Level.

Here is a couple of images from the first level.

1. The Sketch.

2. Rendered Composite.

Want to be a BETA Tester of Crank The Game?

For those of you who would like to beta test Crank the Game please send us your UDID of your Apple device. There are less than 90 people that I can add so please be quick. This is FREE and only available to the first 90 to respond so be quick.

What is the UDID?
Each iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch has a Unique Device Identifier (UDID), which is a sequence of 40 letters and numbers that is specific to your device. It’s like a serial number but much harder to guess. It will look something like this: 5b7d0ca904d169ae2e1510235f5674294a431466.

Why do we need you UDID?
Your iDevice can only install programs that are approved by Apple. Applications in the App Store have been approved by Apple for general distribution, but beta customers get to try the app before it’s in the store. We register your UDID with Apple so they can approve our application especially for your iPhone.

How do I get my UDID?
You can copy/paste your UDID from iTunes or email it directly from your device by using a free app from the App Store.
Email Using the Free App

Install and run Ad Hoc Helper. It will create an email with your UDID. Send it to

Copy/Paste from iTunes

You can get if you don't know how to find it, please read on:

1. Launch iTunes and connect your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

2. In the right pane, locate the information about your iPhone, including its name, capacity, software version, serial number, and phone number.

3. Reveal the Identifier by clicking on Serial Number:

4. Copy the Identifier to your clipboard by choosing Edit → Copy.

5. Paste the Identifier into an email to (You should be able to paste into your mail program or web browser by selecting Edit → Paste)

And thats it. We should have a build ready for your feedback in a week or so. I look forward to your responses.


It has begun.

Dark Genesis and alcamie have started work on Crank The Game.