Sunday, October 31, 2010

The move to Corona from Game Salad - So Far So Good

Over the last week we have ventured away from the original Game Salad version of Crank to start developing it in Corona.
This was more a forced move at the time because of the uncertainty of actually being able to complete it in GS and actually owning the game ourselves rather than have co ownership forced upon us by GS.

The move has been very beneficial so far as the performance improvements have been major. Frame rates of down to 24 fps that we were getting in testing with the GS version have been dramatically improved in the iPhone 4 to maintaining 60 fps. I hope this remains the case as we continue with more content and game play.

We are now able to consider community scoring with the availability of OpenFeint and we're going to be playing with physics now the performance is back up.

Well, time to get to it again for the night.


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